Apple TV (5th Gen.): iTunes Supplies Reference to 4K and HDR Support

If a new Apple TV comes to market later this year, 4K support is one of the most obvious innovations. There are indications that a new Apple TV supporting 4K and HDR will shortly arrive, as users have spotted the “4K, HDR” label with newly purchased movies.

Apple TV with 4K HDR

Tim Cook promised during the last WWDC keynote that we will hear much about Apple TV later this year. He probably meant the Apple TV 5, a successor to the current Apple TV that appeared almost two years ago. March and October are common moments for new Apple TVs, so we’re gambling in October 2017. Bloomberg reported earlier that Apple is working on a 4K Apple TV. Internally, the device would have the code name J105. We also talked about “living colors”.

Now there are new clues. A user downloaded the “Passengers” movie through the iTunes Store and saw in its download history the “4K, HDR” versions, but without being able to access them, only to watch the full HD movie (1920 x 1080). Another user saw the same designation in the movie ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’.

4K on Other Apple Device’s

Perhaps Apple is already working on adding 4K resolution movies to the iTunes Store, so there’s plenty of time to go. On other devices, Apple has already made the jump to 4K. For example, you can record and play on iPhone in 4K. Bout iOS 11 and tvOS 11 have support for 4K content in H.265 format. The 2017 iPad Pro’s can also play HDR videos. The current Apple TV 4 does not have 4K or HDR content, so you’ll have to buy a new one.

It is still questionable whether you can watch already purchased movies in 4K. Apple is likely to ask for an additional fee, as is the case with the distinction between SD and HD movies. With providers like Amazon and Google Play, 4K movies sometimes cost twice as much as the HD version.

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