Now it’s Much Easier to Cancel your Uber Account and Data

Uber continues to expand its global dominance over a significant number of territories, and the new update to the mobile application might help.

Uber is a company that has encountered many problems in the past year and, besides comfortable transportation services, continues to be synonymous with the scandal. Leaving aside the fact that traditional Taxi services are trying to get Uber out of several countries, the company have also a problem with transparency and how they use the user data. Moreover, it also made life very difficult for those who were trying to erase their Uber account.

Many thought the deletion of the mobile app was equivalent to canceling the Uber account, but it is NOT. More than that, once you’ve deleted the app from your smartphone, all your contacts along with rides and in-app activity history remained on the Uber servers.

The latest update solves many of the users’ problems about how the company interacts with private data. Now there’s a new section called Privacy Settings where a number of features are centralized. From there, you can define how Uber is accessing your data and also you can be more specific in personalizing your mobile notifications.

You can even choose whether or not to allow Uber to access your location information. In the past, the only way you could block access to the location of the program was at the operating system level on your mobile.
As regards the data already stored on Uber servers, in the Privacy Settings option you will find a tab clearly marked – Remove Stored Contacts. It will help you delete all your Uber contacts.

In addition, you can cancel your Uber account without having to call a customer service. The process can be initiated from your mobile device and you have 30 days to change your mind, while the account is deactivated.

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