Supposed Wireless Charging Module for iPhone 8

The iPhone 8 rumors have not yet finished. This time, it is the supposed module dedicated to wireless charging that leaked!

Apple may have opted for the Qi standard, already adopted by many smartphone manufacturers and accessories. It is surprising that the American giant is not developed its own solution for the release of the iPhone 8 … unless it is to be compatible with the accessories and systems equipped with this technology Qi.
If these photos actually show a Qi module, we have serious doubts that it is destined for the iPhone 8. This module could very well come from a battery case for iPhone with the wireless charging. It can be seen that the charge port is a Lightning port. On the back, the module bears a label with the following inscriptions: a voltage of 5V and 12V, and a power of 0.6A and 2A, accompanied by the standard Qi.

Remember that Apple encounter problems with wireless charging according to some sources. So if it used a module that has already proven itself, why such problems. I think that if the Qi standard is on the program, Apple could have created a different and smaller module.

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